Emmanuel Saridakis is an explorative improviser who combines elements from jazz and traditional Greek music in a very unique manner. In 2006 he was recognized by the Thelonious Monk jazz piano competition as one of the 25 best jazz pianists.

"From the Aegean sea to New Orleans, and from the unorthodox improvisation of jazz in Greek folk poetry, the need of peoples to express their emotional and psychic loads, their ideals, their pains, their joys, and their thoughts is expressed through music, bridging any differences.

The inspired composer and jazz pianist Emmanuel Manos Saridakis united these very different but "same" worlds with a lot of imagination, passion and especially romantic mood.

Jazz, rock, blues and Greek tradition with imagination, subversive look but also romantic mood."

Press review from: ogdoo.gr

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"Saridakis solo's have clear compositional direction with energy and attention focused on particular figures and developments. It was as if the clouds had parted, and the scene was suddenly visible and compelling."

"Live at Birdland N.Y.C. "


" Mode Plagal is Hipper than any new American record I've heard in a long time. They take traditional dances and carols from Macedonia and Thrace and grooves them to death. On a recent visit to Thessaloniki, Billy Cobbam listened to a number of Greek jazz albums. This is the one he bought."

"MODERN DRUMMER" - Hal Howland

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες για τον πιανίστα και συνθέτη Μάνο Σαριδάκη στην Ελληνική γλώσσα πατήστε στο μενού την λέξη "Ελληνικά" (το μενού είναι στην αρχή της σελίδας στο πάνω μέρος, στα κινητά τηλέφωνα το τετράγωνο εικονίδιο πάνω δεξιά).




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